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Career Coaching Services

Let's be is hard, especially when working and living with chronic illnesses. BUT it doesn't have to be. It’s time to take control of YOUR life and design the best YOU that this world so desperately needs!

Vennessa is well-known for her resume writing, LinkedIn optimization and career coaching services. Coming from corporate America and improving the emotional and mental well-being of job seekers. She has assisted hundreds of professionals in finding the next step in their careers! (check her and her 8000+ connections out on LinkedIn here<<)

She is an author of Designing the Best Work-From-Home YOU! written with Forbes | Advantage Media in 2020 - perfect timing right!? 

She has also been featured in Thrive Global multiple times, on hundreds of podcasts, and hosted many virtual trainings over the years. 

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Resume Writing

Need a resume updated to find your next job? Maybe you haven't written one in years or just need it tweaked. Reach out and let's set up a call to understand YOUR best needs. Because this is about YOU and YOUR impact on this world.



LinkedIn isn't just another social media platform. It's the BEST tool for your job search and leveling-up your career. Vennessa has gotten clients more profile views, taught them how to network online - building lasting relationships, find their own clients and assisted clients in landing better jobs! Want to learn more? Get on a call today!

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1:1 Career Coaching

Struggling with a career transition? Got laid off and don't know what to do next? Want to level up to get paid more? Don't know how to showcase your worth - ask for more benefits or salary? Then 1:1 career coaching is for YOU! Vennessa has guided numerous professionals at various levels in their own professional journeys, so they can be what they were meant for in the workplace. Schedule a call today!



Job seekers feel stressed and discouraged when potential employers disappear without warning.​ This dead silence known as “ghosting” is frustrating and leaves candidates feeling powerless. 

That's why we created the platform UnGhosted, a platform that empowers job seekers via creating an easier way to track progress and also manage the emotion in today's broken job search process.

We would love for you to check out our crowdfunding campaign launching May 24th, 2021 and become a part of the BEST platform for job seekers - literally minimizing the emotional toll the job seeking process has on YOU. 


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Gail N., Executive Hematology Key Account Specialist (Leukemia/Rare Disease)

Vennessa is an outstanding career coach and mentor. She shared insightful tips and suggestions with me supporting and enhancing my professional style and business profile! Vennessa is intelligent and dynamic. She is an effective listener who takes the time to fully understand one's work history and career goals in order to best collaborate with her clients to help them achieve their greatest success. After each and every conversation I had with Vennessa I walked away with many excellent take-aways that led me to new ideas and avenues. Vennessa's encouraging style matched with her in-depth knowledge of the hiring process makes her the perfect coach!

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Jake D., Enterprise Sales Director

Vennessa is able to take complex topics and distill them down into simple and actionable concepts that can be adopted by all. Her content is focused on providing value to those that consume it and she asks for nothing in return. If you are stuck, stagnant, unemployed or just want to level up - Look no further! Venessa can be of service to you....


Shuree Rivera, Creative Director | Recording Artist

Amazing experience. It felt like she knew me and made sure my best work was known to the world! SO blown away by the service. 

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Jordan Lyndell-Lees, Content Director

I hired Nessa to consult on my resume and job hunting tactics and process and I can't think of many examples of money I have spent more wisely. She listened closely and carefully to my history and what I was looking for, and helped me to craft a top notch resume that increased my response rate from opportunities by at least 300%. The first comment I received from several of the prospects was "Your resume looks GREAT" and I know for certain that it was an integral part of the offer I finally accepted. Today's job market requires more than just self-confidence and experience. It requires expertise in self-sales. Nessa is an unparalleled source for the latter and just what every person seeking to find the right new opportunity needs. I unhesitatingly recommend her!

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