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Meet Vennessa

Certified Functional Nutrition Coach (FNC), and practicing FDNP

Vennessa is a wife and mom first. She worked in corporate for many years as an engineer, operations manager and consultant. She didn't think she was burnt out, but definitely needed a break. During that break, she became pregnant with her first son. All seemed great!

But she couldn't stay away from working, so she started a career coaching business. Running on caffeine, the sunlight of Arizona, and a cute new baby with her husband...that's all she needed.


All while managing her three autoimmune diseases - Addison’s, Hashimoto’s and Vitiligo. She was first diagnosed with Addison’s back in 2007, after struggling for 5 years trying to figure out why she wasn’t feeling “right”. No periods, worked out a lot, ate “healthy”, painted, played piano, enjoyed life and work as much as possible - but the fatigue, dizziness, stomach churning, getting a cold and being sick for week….and more...was too much to handle at times. 

General practitioners, endocrinologists and other specialists, even naturopaths were giving her all kinds of whacky answers and telling her she’d never get pregnant, your libido will always be low, things won’t get better - only worse, or even better….you don’t look sick/have Addison’s disease because you aren’t gaining weight or skin darkening.

She finally took the matter into her own hands because OUR health is not the doctor’s responsibility. She was still not feeling well. She educated herself on medications and dosages, along with supplements, healing foods, learned to read bloodwork and know what questions to ask doctors. In addition, with a young family and husband with ADHD, she has learned how to manage daily stressors that trigger autoimmune inflammation. She is now a functional nutrition coach, and studying to become a practitioner to help women with type A personalities who have autoimmune diseases. 

She also has gone through a serious time where she dealt with emotional and verbal abuse - finding out her husband was a substance abuse user. She has worked hard on her emotional and mental health to recover in order to ensure she can be the best wife, mom and health coach/practitioner....fully walking the walk.

Vennessa loves cooking - making meals and snacks kid and husband-approved while providing the nutrients needed (which lack in today’s foods). She enjoys playing with her boys, coloring and playing piano….as well as those secret Mommy-getaways to read and sleep!

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